Struggling around with / testing CF builder

Since I have just been to both Scotch on the Rocks and the latest CFUGNL meeting, I have heard a lot about the greatness of CF builder.
Raymond Camden spoke about CF Builder extensions, Terry Ryan talked about it, and, well, there was no reason not to try it again.

Noticed the "again"? That's because 2 out of the 3 CF Builder betas never ran on my Macbook. I did install them, but they just died before starting up. So I downloaded the definite version, hit install, and opened it up. Crap! Some licensing error with code "150:30", after which CF Builder doesn't work. That one took me at least 3.5 hours to fix, since all Adobe's tips on this didn't work. Final solution was to use Adobe's Licensing Recovery Tool, which was linked to from some forum.

So now, I am able to test-drive it for 60 days! Yeahaa!
I should note that I am normally using Dreamweaver CS4, because of the simple keyboard shortcuts for your snippets, and the extended search/replace window. I never ever ever use the design view btw. They could've left it out of the product as far as I'm concerned.

  • First notice: uglyness. Or, no, that's the second, because the first notice should be that I think it's really cool Adobe has taken this step to create this IDE! Cheers guys!
  • So, second notice: uglyness. Dreamweaver looks so much better. Understandable pictures on the buttons, and not 12 sub-screens with tabs. That's hopefully going to be a fix in version 2.
  • There is no "Save as" shortcut!
  • When creating a new file (CMD+N), I get this crazy dialog, wanting me to choose/find a wizard, click next, enter a name, choose a path to save it to, click finish, and then I have to wait like a second or so. Incredibly sucky. What happened to unsaved files, which you can save with the regular File-Save dialog? The way I work, I often just need a temporary page which never needs saving, but now I will end up having a stack of "Untitled[nr]_cfm.cfm" files.
    I do understand that it is handy for the editor's features to know where the file resides inside the project, but who's the boss? The editor? Or me?
  • Hidden folders like '.svn' are shown as if they are regular folders. That's pretty annoying.

But then... the CF Builder magic started to happen...

The color coding is very different from dreamweaver, so I opened up the Preferences pane. And wow, there is a Dreamweaver "Editor profile"! The tags are brown again. Yeah!

Other preferences which I changed: closing tags are automatically added when typing ">"; keyboard shortcuts for some CFML tags changed to match my Dreamweaver snippet shortcuts (like for <cfoutput> and <!--- ---->); timeout untill code-assist kicks in: 0 millisecs.

And code assist or insight or what it's called is really cool! It's a shame I have to hit CTRL+Enter for it to appear each and every time, but it does know what I have set in my Application.cfm:
code insight example

Oh, uhm, it does not recognize variables in the arguments scope. WTF?! Isn't that like the most simple thing to add in an editor like this? And who is arguments.template? Never met him untill now:
no code insight in arguments scope


As of now, I am not convinced to forever leave my beloved Dreamweaver, but I promise to use CF Builder for some more days... Digg StumbleUpon Facebook Technorati Fav reddit Google Bookmarks
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  1. Jan Brünemann

    #1 by Jan Brünemann - May 31, 2010 at 11:33 AM

    I feel your pain, dude! Ik ben immers ook nog een DW coder net als jij. Ik ben inmiddels half over naar Builder. Ik gebruik Builder nu voor alle CF9 applicaties die we hebben (script style CFML en ORM zijn de bom!) en DW voor de bestaande apps. Ik zal langzaam over gaan denk ik, maar... ik blijf Eclipse een houten klaas vinden.
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