Railo is dead; long live Lucee!

Lucee logoBig news came from the Railo front the 29th of January: Railo is abandoned by it's founders, and the same code project will now live on as Lucee. The underlying code remains the same, but the name changes, as does the organizational type. The new site is http://lucee.org

The commercial company The Railo Company became the copyright owner of Railo a few years ago, after investments done by some companies. Now it apparently lead to not much good. Even so bad, that the founders decided to "fork" (=~ copy) the project, and continue under a new name.

But, I have full confidence in the strength and continuous growth of Lucee, as the founders an community is samrt and strong. I hope we will all adjust to a new cool name, and say cheers to this new path for CFML!

Railo is dead; Long live Lucee!

P.s. My daughter's name is Luce, that's near-identical :-D

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  1. Tom

    #1 by Tom - January 31, 2015 at 10:25 PM

    So, can we keep it non-commercial this time? Profit kills.
  2. patrick spenceley

    #2 by patrick spenceley - February 1, 2015 at 7:51 PM

    And on the same weekend we get Coldbox 4 released, thank god for unit tests
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