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Mangoblog plugin: viewCount v1.5 - updated 26 Feb. 2011

Wouldn't you like to know how many people have read your blog post? Well, I do like so. In the blog system mangoBlog, which I use for this weblog, this wasn't a default option, and there wasn't a plugin yet to add this.

So, I created the Viewcount plugin. It shows the text "View count: xx" underneath this post...


A recursive jQuery.toJson() function

I created a javascript toJson() function, which recursively converts any javascript object to json (javascript object notation).
The function relies on jQuery, and is added to the main jQuery object '$'. So, you can call $.toJSON(obj).


Multiple selects made usable!

The most unlogical element in any web form must be the multiple-select! When more than one element is selected, you might just not see it, if they are too far away from eachother in the list. And how do you select more then one item?! Yes, we know, but the average visitor doesn't know you need to push the CTRL button while clicking more than one item.

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Automatic (coldfusion) code coloring on your blog

I received a question today, whether it was "possible to use the code-coloring script in your blog".
Well, that shouldn't be too much trouble, I thought.
Just create a javascript function wich gets all pre tags, sends the contents to the server, and then replace the previous contents with the new color-coded values.

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Check for popup blocking, and show a friendly message about it

I came across a problem where a flash file in an html window wanted to open a new window (for a pdf document), and the popup was blocked by the browser.
Now, both firefox and internet explorer then show a yellow bar asking whether to allow the popup, but they are very different in handling your answer:

  • Firefox just lets the yellow bar go away, and allows you top open the popup;
  • Internet Explorer 7 reloads the entire page!

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