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How to add mod_jk to Apache for Tomcat (+Railo!)

After finding out how I could use mod_jk for my Apache and Tomcat install, I found out that using mod_proxy does almost the same (it also uses AJP13). This last one is much more easy to setup, but it is only available for Apache 2.2 and later.

So here you will find the instructions for setting up mod_jk, even though I would suggest to just use the mod_proxy code if you are on Apache 2.2. I also included that setup underneath.


Webserver-to-Tomcat VirtualHost copier for Railo! (v0.4.02, april 25, 2011)

If you use Railo as your cfml server, and use Apache or IIS as your main webserver, then you must have noticed that you need to add virtualHosts in 2 places. Once in the webserver, and once in Resin/Tomcat/Jetty, or whatever the JEE engine is you are running Railo on. This approach gets a lot of complaints, because people switching from Adobe Coldfusion (ACF) never had to do this. "It just worked".

So I thought of another way to make sure Railo knows what virtualhosts are available: by copying all virtualhost directives from Apache/IIS to the Railo server. ... Now I have only been able to test the parser code on 3 machines, while there are probably 100's of webserver configurations. So my question to you: please download and extract the code, and run test.cfm to see if your config files are correctly parsed.