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You know those web contests where the one with the most page views wins the prize? For some reason, that isn't at all fair. You could easily hit F5 multiple times, or use my Uber-reloader...

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Q&A about computer viruses

I do voluntary work for Viafrica. Today they asked me to create a Q&A document about computer viruses, to support a radio interview in Tanzania.
After writing it, I was pretty happy about the simpleness of it all, so I'm posting it here as well.

What is a computer virus?
A computer virus is a ...

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What to do with all these hackers?

Every day I receive notifications of spam and hacking attempts. They are in my sql logs, windows security logs, web site logs, ftp logs, error mails, and off course the spam log.

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Emma Product Design

logo Emma.nlI am really proud of my wife Emma, who in just a few months, created lots of prototypes, drawings, and new contents for her new product design website! Check out www.emma.nl (even though it's partially in Dutch, the images speak for themselves)

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PHP 301 redirect script, one that works!

A while ago, I helped someone who wanted to switch her domain name for her blog. As you will probably know, there is only one way of correctly moving a site's address, which is the 301 permanent redirect.

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