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Railo Log analyzer bugfix update: v2.2.0

For anyone using the Railo log analyzer, there is an update out!

Update 2.2.0 contains:

  • Added View option, to view the log file inline in the admin.
  • Fixed a bug with Railo 4.0.x, which prevented the display of log files. Reason: cfdirectory filter attribute doesn't respect pipe character as delimiter anymore.
  • Updated the styling, so tables and other layout looks normal again.

Check the Log analyzer page for more details, or go to the Railo extension store.


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Decoding a \unicode-escaped string in CFML

I needed to incorporate a news feed from yammer.com, which was pretty easy using their API. The return format is JSON, so all looked great. Except for the "rich text" they sent back:

Unicode escapes example cfdump

As you can see, there are a lot of "\u00.." occurences in the rich text. I searched Google for a standard CFML solution to convert these character sequences, but found nothing for CFML. So I wrote the following function, which tries to convert the string as fast as possible:

<cffunction name="unicodeEscape" returntype="string" output="no">
<cfargument name="s" type="string"/>
<!--- If no unicode-escapes present in the string: return --->
<cfif not find('\u', arguments.s)>
<cfreturn arguments.s />
<!--- If % is present in the string: url-encode it. Otherwise, urlDecode would choke on it --->
<cfif find('%', arguments.s)>
<cfset arguments.s = replace(arguments.s, '%', urlEncodedFormat('%'), 'all') />
<!--- Ascii characters (\u0000 - \u00FF) can be translated as %00-%FF --->
<cfset arguments.s = replace(arguments.s, "\u00", "%", "all") />
<!--- Higher characters (\u0100 - \uFFFF) can be translated as %01%00 - %FF%FF.
Only do this regex if there is something to replace. --->
<cfif find('\u', arguments.s)>
<cfset arguments.s = rereplace(arguments.s, "\u([0-9A-F][0-9A-F])([0-9A-F][0-9A-F])", "%\1%\2", "all") />
<cfreturn urldecode(arguments.s) />

If there is a built-in way in CFML to decode unicode-escapes, then please leave a comment. I'd be happy to learn :)


Dutch CFUG networking event on March 22, 2013

I recently joined the CFUG-NL team, which had been a bit silent for the last few years. To start off, and hear about your ideas for upcoming CFUG meetings, we would like to invite you all to a networking event on March 22, 2013 in Utrecht.

Please see www.cfugnl.nl for full details, and don't forget to register. See you at Cafe Olivier!


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How to upgrade from Railo 3.* to Railo 4

Upgrading your existing Railo 3 installation to Railo 4 is really easy! No need to re-install Railo or anything, just copy-paste some jar files...

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My view on CFCamp 2012

I did my first conference presentation here at CFcamp 2012. It worked out great, and got some good feedback. I actually can't wait to do another one! Hopefully, you'll be hearing from me at CF.Objective() or Scotch on the Rocks (June 2013!) soon.

So, CFcamp. It is not a German conference. It is a very international one, with speakers from France, Germany, America, Scotland, Switzerland, Belgium, England, etcetera. All presentations were in English, flyers and programs in English, so easily accessible for a Dutchie like me.

The venue was the StadtHalle Germering,

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